CI-Tech Mobile - HRIS system

CI-Tech Mobile - HRIS system
CI-Tech Mobile - HRIS system

Project information

  • Company: PT. Kompas Ion Teknologi
  • Category: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • Project start: June 1st, 2020
  • Play store URL: Google Play Store

CI-Tech is build with Kotlin and MVVM Design Pattern, this application serve user that can choose one or more services for HRIS. The Main App Features is Login, PIN System, One Account One Device, Indonesian - English Language, and Profile. For the services there is Key Peformance Indicator, E-Learning, Payroll, Attendance, etc.

Library used :
- Firebase Crashlytich
- Firebase Realtime Database
- Firebase Cloud Messaging
- Easy Permission
- Exoplayer
- Shimmer
- Glide
- Timber
- Room
- Retrofit
- PhilJay MPAndroidChart
- Barteksc Pdf Viewer
- Minddorks PRDownloader
- Stfalcon ImageViewer
- Ucrop

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